Generate Yearly Report - Dispatcher Element Exists

Hello friends, I’m running the Dispatcher file and it stops in this photo process and finishes. It stops at “Element Exists” and doesn’t scroll through all pages.

Hi @Pedro_Azevedo

Are targeting the “Element exists” activity to the arrow that represents the next page?

By looking at the screenshot you selected number 3

That could be the issue.

It looks like you’re trying to page through data and extract it. You should be using the Table Extraction wizard. It does this all for you. Looks like you’re on an older version of Studio so it’s going to be the Data Scraping button at the top. But you should upgrade, the new stuff is better.

@postwick This process asks only to see only the element there is on each page, the DataScraping I use later to go through all the pages, I probably have an error in that selector that was pointed or in the attach selector. Attach selector is this:

@svillalobos The number 3 is only on the screenshot, in the selector I replaced “3” with “in_TransactionNumber”.

Well if you’re just trying to loop through the pages, clicking the next number if the next number exists, you forgot the Click activity. And you’re not even looping, at least from what you showed us. Your loop should be inside the Attach Browser. Not Attach Browser inside the loop.

Also, you should do this with the modern activities, they are much better.

@postwick I agree with you, but this is the challenge to get the certification, you need to follow the UiPath academy step by step.

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Oh my bad, I didn’t realize this is related to an academy thing. Yeah, they walk you through lots of unnecessary steps :wink:

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