UI element targeting method question

When the targeting method is shown as Fuzzy selector, do I have to concerned with strict selector? Do I have to change struct selector too?

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If You choose Strict and Fuzzy selector in the activity
When both “Strict” and “Fuzzy” targeting methods are chosen, UiPath will attempt to use the “Strict” method first. If the “Strict” method fails to find the element based on the precise selector, UiPath will then use the “Fuzzy” method to search for a matching element with some flexibility in attribute values. This combination enhances the robustness of the automation by providing a fallback option when the precise match is not achievable.

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If you have selected Fuzzy only then don’t have to worry about strict or any other. If selected fallback to Strict or any other then you should be validating those as well.

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Hi @A_Learner

The option you selected in the targeting methods for the UI activity will only apply to that activity and its selectors. You don’t need to be concerned with the other methods.

For example, if you checked the Fuzzy selector and unchecked the Strict selector, the Fuzzy selector will be the targeting method for that particular UI activity.

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Thank you, what is Fallback when two to three options are selected, which one goes as fallback?

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when you choose multiple methods like Strict, Fuzzy, and Image, UiPath follows the order of Strict first, then Fuzzy, and finally Image as a fallback. If one method fails, the next one in line is attempted, enhancing the robustness of your automation by providing multiple chances to locate the element

Hi @A_Learner ,

  • Fuzzy Selector: Use for flexible matching when UI elements are dynamic.
  • Strict Selector: Use for precise matching when UI elements are stable.
  • Fallback: Configure multiple selectors in order of priority to ensure reliability.
  • Implementation: Utilize UiPath’s selector editor to define and manage these selectors efficiently.

By understanding and effectively utilizing fuzzy selectors, strict selectors, and the fallback mechanism, you can create more robust and adaptable automation workflows in UiPath.