Method not selected in selector mapping but available in activity target method

What is the impact of not having the method selected in selector mapping (in image bellow only strict selector is checked) but then selected in the activity configuration? For some reason UiPath make it possible (If you look fuzzy descriptor appears).

Hi @Camila_Caldas

At least one method need to be select in Select Options Wizard. In activity properties pane, you can change the target method if you want. No matter if you checked Fuzzy Selector in Select Options Wizard, the Strict Selector will be populated in Strict Selector property too, The same for Fuzzy

The method(s) you checked in Selection Options Wizard will be set in Targeting Method and this is what tell the robot which selector to use. If you select more than one, the robot will try a variation and use the most reliable one. If the system has little or no changes and you need the most realible one, the Strict Selector is the best choice

This means you can change the desire method without open Select Options Wizard or reindicate the element

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You can’t have only strict in one place and strict/fuzzy in another. If you change the targeting methods property then when you go back to edit the selector it’ll reflect however you had the targeting methods property set.

@postwick I understand your point, but it’s not working this way as you can see in the images…

@rikulsilva So if doesn’t matter the option you select in the options wizard and all methods are going to be available in in activity configuration what is the purpose of select in options wizard? Is this selection used for something?

I didn’t find anything related to this in UiPath official documentation, please if you find something share with us :blush:

Sorry, I mean… when you indicating a element, all selectors types are captured and set up in their respect properties.

But what telling the robot what method to use is the “Targeting methods” property. So basically, with you selecting Strict selector only, it will the only one set in Targeting Methods property.

With you choosing more than one, they will set too.

The selection made in the wizard reflecting the ones in Targeting Methods. With you make changing in Targeting Methods property, it will reflect if you open de wizard again.

The wizard has more options to refine ours element choosing the appropriete configuration e feature like pause, validate etc

Are you editing the element in Object Repository ?

Trying to edit element properties directly if they are in Object Repository maybe is the cause of mismatch from properties panel and Wizard

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@rikulsilva Im editing it in object repository

I just tested outside the object repository and the behaviour was exactly what you and @postwick told me. But for the object repository doesnt reflect the same, so I think what you said makes sense!

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