UAT Environment for a end to end process automation

In our Bank, we are trying to automate an end to end process.
Q1. In best practices, is it necessary to have separate bots for UAT and troubleshooting, post go-live?
Q2. What are the options we can look at, without going for separate BOTs for UAT & troubleshooting.

Yes as per best practices, you should jave a different environment for UAT in which the issues will be replicated (if found any in production)

the uat robot should have access to only the stage environment and dedicated id. same goes for production.

your second question relates to the environment restrictions. It won’t be a good idea though, but if you want to try that, make sure the bot access is taken care very carefully. The robot while running and while troubleshooting should be configured properly to have switch in accesses.


Well that’s a good question

Let’s go one by one


I m just wondering on this term “POST GOLIVE”
because we will be doing enhancements after Golive
During enhancement we willl including few more changes to the bot, test it and move it to PROD

May be on that perspective let me provide you few suggestions

Yeah usually on a best practise note we need to have three different instances

  1. Dev
  2. Test
  3. Prod environment

Some of them use to have just Dev and Prod, where in Dev itself they use to do both development and testing
I think that is second most possible way of handling robots in a optimal way

Reason is if you have your prod scheduled on a timing and suddenly if you want to do some enhancements of a process, then you won’t be able to use the same bot and same machine to do the changes because your PROD is scheduled

That’s why it is good to have atleast one bot for Dev and testing
And another separate bot for PROD

Hope this would have clarified your query on why to have a separate bot

Aah if you have a attended bot you can do the changes in the process and test or troubleshoot with the same bot whenever you wan
But if it is unattended bot then we need to ensure that testing is done During it’s off schedule timing
That’s the option I would suggest on a easy note

Cheers @gihan_kehelella

Thank you all for your valuable answers.

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