UAT env. not ideal for development


For an UiPath bot POC, development will be done in UAT environment. Issue is my current UAT environment is not an ideal representation of the Production environment. Major constraints include:

  1. Connectivity is slow
  2. SAP is on different version
  3. Data is outdated and insufficient

I would like to get an opinion on how development can or should proceed given the constraints above with a tight project timeline? Is there a best practice with regards to development readiness for RPA development?

There is a potential risk with regards to re-work required when deploying bot to Production.

The first & imp criteria for testing is the UAT environment should be replica of production, which is not just for RPA, any kind of software development. I can’t think of full proof testing in such situation.

One (bad) idea could be, test the bot in prod env, comment the actions like Save, Delete etc… at the time of testing OR to avoid a rework (uncomment) introduce a flag/parameter, click save button depending on this flag.

Do you suggest a UAT environment without lots of issue ???

With regards to your second point:

Pardon my ignorance as a newbie, I dont quite get the concept for this. Could you give me some pseudo codes as an example?

Unfortunately without causing significant delays to the POC, we would want to push ahead depsite the circumstances.

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