Multi-tenancy across environment

Can muti-tenancy be used across environments e.g. Can I create 2 tenants from same license one for Dev/test and other for prod? Is there a risk that if the upgradation happens, then production tenant will be impacted as changes are effected in Dev/test? Should there be ideally 2 licenses, one each for dev and prod?

Hi @Subodh_Ghuge,
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How about just divide robots per environment. You could make separate group of robots for dev/test environment and rest of them put to production :slight_smile:

Hi Pablito,

I have same question, here is what i am thinking. Let me know if it is feasible or not.
Use one Orchestrator license
Create 3 tenancy service for Development/UAT/Prod

  1. Studio will be connected to Development service
  2. QA bot will connected to UAT service
  3. Prod bot will be connected to Prod Service.

Q1 Is the above model is recommended ?
Q2 : How to elevate the build. lets say i have created a new process in dev. Now i want to promote it to UAT and Prod.
Q3 : Elevation of build can be automated ?

Note : I want to install my Orchestrator as Single node in AWS.