Type of Robots

I am very much confused about the any robots attended or unattended robot.
I have few question mentioned below.

  1. what type robot is we have in our Local PC which was created while installing Studio.
  2. Can I run my workflows in Machine B which has only Robot (no studio) which is unattended .
  3. Can I connect robot in machine C through Orchestration.


Answers to your questions below:

It’s more like emulator through which you can test your workflow by running UiRobot. This will give an understanding how it’s going to run in actual scenario.

Yes, you can run your workflows in machine B with robot only. For that, you need to build your package and move it to Orchestrator. Connect your robot from machine B to that Orchestrator and run the process through Orchestrator on Machine B.

Yes, you can connect the robot in machine C. Please refer to steps explained in point 2.

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@singhonkar Thank you so much
1.How do you know that machine B has Attended or unattended robot
2.max how many robots we can Connect to orchestrator?

In Attended, user will trigger the process manually and in unattended, it’ll triggered thrpugh Orchestrator.

It depends upon your process and data. If you’re receiving lot of data to process and in less amount of time, then you have to add more machines and same no. of robots in each machine. Connect each machine robot to Orchestrator and then trigger it in all machines at once or with the customized way.

Here I created Robot as unattended , while running the jobI chose the my robot then start the job. But My job is not running automatically, I came out and run the Process manually . how can this justify the Unattended robot definition.


If it’s not running through Orchestrator, then there must be some connection issue. In reallife projects, it’ll get triggered from Orchestrator and running in desired machine. That’s we call it as Unattended robot.

As you’ve explained, you ran the process manually, thats Attended robot. I suggest please look into the mapping of robot to orchestrator whether it’s getting connected properly or not.

Yes It connected Properly , In the 3rd screen shot Type of robot is unattended .

@tejach412 Perfect :smiley: :smiley:

Please mark it as solved as it may help others .

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I marked , I done setup as i mentioned above still , I ran manually

I got the soultion I gave wrong password of my system… Its working now Thanks

Awesome @tejach412

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