Type of License required for Automation

Hello, I have only one automation to run through Uipath and I wanted to know what type of license I need to buy.
My automation needs to be triggered when a file (.txt format) is created in a specific folder. And it should also run when the pc is locked.


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For this, you need Unattended BOT licence and also to trigger Unattended BOT we need Orchestrator also.

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I checked the price and its quite costly for one automation. Anything you can suggest?
I have opted for Uipath since the automation is a blind automation and entirely depending on images.
Is it possible to run a command prompt at startup using only UnAttended bot which verifies for the creation of a file to start the automation


As you said, you want to run BOT when system got locked right. For this, Unattended BOT and Orchestrator are necessary.

Else you can do one thing. Take attended BOT licence and manually login into system and run bot from uipath robot system tray.

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If you are familiar with Windows scheduler or console applications, you can start the bot from a command line.
see the following post for the details:

And this thread where they got it working:

You will definitely need an unattended licence for the robot, and it will need to be installed as a service so you don’t have to be logged in.

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Licensing is clearly a Uipath sales domaiin where-in you can contact them directly at Contact Sales - RPA Business Process Strategy | UiPath which is the correct avenue to pursue.

As licensing models are subject to change/revision the sales team will get in touch with you immediately to clarify any queries. Also, there are tiers in which the models differ so better to get the info from UiPath directly.

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If i take the attended bot, will i still be able to run the automation while the pc is locked?

An attended bot needs a person to be there, so it will stop running if the pc is locked.
You can read about the types of robots in the official robot documentation

License cost
Hope this will be helpful.

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You can’t run it when system got locked.

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I want to set up a consulting service to outsource the Center of Excellence for UiPath. I would like to purchase a license(s) and charge the client a monthly fee for providing an unattended bot and managing it. Please advise which licensing option I should take?