Type into on SAP

Hi! I don’t know why I can’t type tcode on command bar in SAP. Would appreciate your help.

Make sure SAP GUI Scripting is enabled:


Hello @gimmiel.recto

For automation in SAP using UiPath, You need to configure SAP, check below documentation

Hope this helps you



I see that the activities used are not from the Modern paradigm, so I changed the category from StudioX.
On top of the responses with the activation of SAP Scripting, please bear in mind that we have some dedicated activities to SAP automation, among which:

@SenzoD & @Srini84

Thanks for jumping in! Your recommendation is correct.

When scripting is enabled, you see this


if not you see “EDIT in header of activity”

@gimmiel.recto the issue is not activated scripting

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