Type into activity with string arraylist

Is there anyway for me to use type into activity with array string?

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String.Join(" ", text) will create a string from your array with elements separated by space (text is the name of your array variable). Or you could use a for each.

Buddy @mashy2

Great, there are two possibilities for this buddy

  1. You can use a for each loop with your input array of string named in_string_array…and type argument as string in for each loop…
    Then use a type into activity within this for each loop and pass input as item.ToString that would pass the array value one by one into type into activity…
  2. To pass them as a single value, concatenating all the values in the array together, we can use join method in string like string.Join(“delimiteryouwant”,in_string_array)
    That would join all the values in the array with delimiter in between them buddy…
    Thats all you are all done
    .cheers @mashy2

thanks buddy! :blush:

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