Type into different strings within one array

For example, I created a variable : currency type = {“SGD,MYR,CNY”}
It is under variable type of array of string, (system.string).
For Type into activity, how do I type into different elements {“SGD,MYR,CNY”} each time if i add in a for each loop?


how do i change the type into activity so then when i run it will change to other currency type in the array?

@_itslw First I think the way you have declared the array is wrong, if you have 3 elements in the array, then it should be in this way :

CurrencyType = {“SGD”,“MYR”,“CNY”}

Before using a For Each Loop I would like to know, if you have to Type All 3 elements into the same Input field or Different input fields?

Thanks for correcting me! I am typing all 3 elements into same input field.

@_itslw Is it like after you Type one element, then you click Submit or Some other Button, and then you to type the Second element and Submit that element ?

I have managed to type into all 3 elements, however during the extracting of data using get text activity i am not able to store all 3 strings output from for each loop. Should i assign another new variable to store all the outputs. image

@_itslw I do not know your whole Scenario, hence I cannot tell you exactly what you should be doing, But if you have to Store the Outputs From Get Text For Later use, then I suggest you use List(Of String) as Variable Type, After Getting the Output From Get Text Activity, Use Invoke Method and Add the Output Value to the List.

Each time i get text from the for each loop, there is only 1 string so as the process repeats, how do i store the remaining strings? I couldn’t set the get text (output) variable type to list(Of String)?

@_itslw Set the Get Text Output variable as String. But Also Declare a variable of List(Of String) . After the Get Text Activity use Invoke Method with Target Object as the List variable you created and Method name as Add. Then in the Arguments Section of Invoke Method, use the Output of Get Text as the argument.