How to type into different strings within one array set?

For example, I created a variable : currency type = {“SGD,MYR,CNY”}
It is under variable type of array of string, (system.string).
For Type into activity, how do I type into different elements {“SGD,MYR,CNY”} each time if i add in a for each loop?

do you mean like this (need to set the for each TypeArgument to String)?

i am automating this process (the variable the changes in this case will be the currency i want? How do i change this portion to MYR,CNY as the rest of the information remains the same?

you need to change that combo box from SGD to the other values in your array? Did you try inside the for each using a Select Item activity?

the website doesn’t support select item activity. I have another issue now which is how do I save all the output that I get using get text activity in the for each loop?

I would create a variable of type Dictionary(String,String) and instead of using that string array, you can use this instead, so it will hold the currency type and its values.