Two results appear in web browser

Dear Community,

I would like to ask what are the tools we can use to build the workflow with the condition below (After clicking search button in the browser):

  1. If the wording showing as " no records found" , then update the excel sheet with the wording “no records found”
  2. If the wording showing as " One record found", then click on the attachment below.

Do anyone know how to handle this situation?

Appreciate your assistance in advance.

Hi @SH_94

Element exists for no record found

If activity.
Then---->Get text and store the variable.
Element exists for one record found.
Then----> click on the attachment below.
else-----> Nothing

Hope the above helps you!


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Dear @pravin_calvin ,

Many thanks for the guidance. It works for the first part.

But the click activity does not work when i want to click the attachment link. In actual practice, it will appear screenshot below if i put the cursor near to the attachment.

Do you have any idea on how to fix this as i had tried to use the UI explorer to do it. The result seem to be fine since it is at green.


Many thank for your help.


Try to get button for the selector if exists.
Give Timesout propery in property panel.
Set Wait for ready to complete.
Use stimulate click.
If every thing goes Wrong then share the screen shot of the error which re you getting


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Dear @pravin_calvin ,

It works and many thanks for your guidance.

Appreciate it.


Happy Automation!


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