Two queues with the same name in one folder

HI community,
I have unattended robot working with queues, once I had error that robot couldn’t find the queue in orchestrator, I created new queue with the same name as it was called earlier in the same folder without deleting other queue and I have two queues with the same name now. as you know we can create only unique name queues in one folder. the question is how I created two queues with the same name in the same folder?
P.s. now I couldn’t create two queues with the same name.

Hi @shalva_gurgenidze1,

Yes this can’t be created. 2 queues cant have the same name.

I wonder how it happened for you.

Do you still have it created? Can you share the screenshot? May be it has some space so looks similar but not exactly same?

Check my screenshot below(created it just now), 1 name have 2 spaces in between Queue and 1 while other has only 1 space but from the look of it, looks like a same name but its not.

May be same thing happened in your case?