Confusion with REFramework Deep Dive

I am using UiPath Studio Community Edition, from what I see with the tutorials of REFramework Deep Dive, the UiPath version is completely different with the tutorials. Currently, I am doing the practice 1. I am now referring to the solution.
As you can see from the [Solution Given], it stated that I need to use the same queue name as in the orchestrator. And this is where I am stucked. Is there anyone can help ?

[Solution Given]

What is the issue then giving the same name?

Where have you stuck actually?

Okay so the queue is when we create ‘Queue’ in the orchestrator right ?

So I used the same queue name in the ‘Add Queue Item’. “uploadQueue”, when I try to run the file, it gave me error.

Runtime execution Error:
Source: Add queue item
Message: queue name may not be null or empty
Exception type: System.ArgumentException

Share the screenshot of the property of add queue item activity

addqueue .

For now, pass it as a string directly into the Queue name(not as a variable) and see if it works…


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okay, now I can run, what’s the expected results ?

You data will be added into the queue on orchestrator and then you can use it later by following your next steps in the solution…

Does it worked after the change?

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Yes! It worked! thank you so much ! now i can continue doing the practice!