Two different UI with same version of UiPath Studio

I am a university professor and my students and I have different UI for the same version of UiPath Studio. I thought the problem was Studio versus StudioX but that is not it. When the students go to Settings/License and Profile/Change Profile, Studio is selected.

I have posted screen captures of the ribbon and the search for the open browser activity to illustrate the problem.

Mine is the traditional UI.


Student version looks very different

How do I get the students to have my UI?

UiPath Studio version - 2021.10.7

All versions were downloaded in the same week.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Hi @cmiles
We can’t downgrade the community UiPath studio version.

Otherwise, you can upgrade to your student’s studio version, right?

You need to enable Modern/class Activity.

You are using Classic
And your student is using modern for open brower/application


Or change for Uipath Studio Settings

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