Is there any framework that I could use to automate tweet or can used C# to implement logic using twitter API

Hi ,
You could make use of Robot API
Orchestrator API

Hi @ddpadil,

May I know how to response the return message from the Rot e.g “You process is Ok”. If I call the Orchstrator API Start Jobs.

POST /odata/Jobs/UiPath.Server.Configuration.OData.StartJobs

Actually what I want is

  1. user request to by calling Orchestrator API to trigger my Rot with parameters (e.g. date, name)
  2. Rot will do something and response “Ok/ Fail”,
  3. the user will get the response message.

I have looking around the forum and all the suggestion is pointing to Orchestrator API or using the queue. However, can I pass it as parameter instead add/update the queue/asset.