Trying to get email from Outlook


I’m currently using UiPath.Mail.Outlook.Activities.GetOutlookMailMessage, my path to the mail folder I need is pretty long but it’s was working great before and now out of nowhere, I’m getting time out error.

long path/aaaa ← working
long path/10 november 2020 ← The operation has timed out.

I know the folder exist as if I try with a random value, I get the folder error message, so he actually find it, but then time out… Any one has the same problem and found a solution?

Nevermind, it’s seems like getOutlookMailMessage default timeout is too low if you have alots of email to retrieve. So if you happens to get this bug, put a higher defaultMS Timeout and your problem gonna be fixed.

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Just to add a tip here, unless you must process all emails in one go, you may consider setting a low threshold in the Top property of ‘Get Email Messages’. If you set it to something like top 10 or 20, the turnaround time improves significantly.

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