Trying to enter data in Jira ticketing System

Summary : I am trying to create the tickets in Jira System by reading the outlook emails limiting 5 emails at a time.

I am doing this task by JSON in Http Request as a object.

My Invoke Method which i am using throw the error , Invoke Method: Can not add property “id” to Newtonsoft.Json.Linq.JObject. Property with the same name already exists on object.
Id is one of the parameter which i am passing in Invoke method. at loop 1 it works fine but in 2nd time it gave the above error.

How do i re-initiate the “ID” values ? any suggestion ?

I am also attaching the file in the chat.

JiraEmail.xaml (28.4 KB)

“fields”: {
“project”: {
“id”: “13100”
“issuetype”: {
“id”: “10102”
“summary”: “Email Subject come here, different for each email”,
“description”: “Ticket Description comes here”,
“customfield_11402”: “”,
“customfield_11406”: {
“value”: “Email”

Please suggest me, I am not able to figure it out how can i execute my next Json.