Issue Regarding Json

Hi all,

I am working on a project regarding updating the JSON file. A sample JSON file as below



While I use invoke method to replace the values of this JSON from another data table I get a error that “key of same name already exists for id”. I should be able to have both the id keys in my JSON.

While updating the values with the details key, the name, mobile, id are showing horizontally rather than vertically.

are you looking for this?

what was prototype within immediate box we can do within an assign activity

Hi @ppr,

I am actually looking for a way to update these values with the data given by client. While i debug at the step of invoke method to replace the values of the JSON it is throwing me an error. An item with the same key has already been added.

I am new to UIPATH i have followed the same exact steps mentioned in the below topic.

Json update from Excel data - Help / Something Else - UiPath Community Forum

maybe you can share your XAML

Hello @Nandakishore_Reddy ,

Plz refer to the below post. Hope it can solve your issue.

Hi @ppr, I cannot share the exact XAML because of security reasons.
I have followed the exact same steps given in that topic and only difference the JSON sample what I have shared in this topic.

in such cases dummy data / masked data reflecting the same specifics can be used as an alternate as well

I did not understand what is required from my end, I just want to know how to tackle the keys with the same name with different values. My XAML is same as the one mentioned in the post below

Could you please suggest if any modifications needs to be in the XAML in the above mentioned previous post ?

When too much tings are unclear from description and we also had shown a working building block then often there is a missmatch in the understandings. We dont know what you have implemented / tried in detail so far, and we dont have sample data with a case description and expected output. Before wild guessing and resulting in ping-pong communications we just ask for some more details. Feel free to provide it to us or also train your skills with the already existing solutions for similiar cases.