Add Data Row - How to add a datarow with value filled

hello, how can i add datarow with value? or where can i get the DataRow variable as output, so i can use the output as “Add Data Row”'s input?

Datatable.newrow is returning an empty datarow with the structure of the corresponding Datatable.
In your Sample you Just have to fill the different columns with its values. With the later add row it is added to the Datatable.

And alternate would Be to prepare an Array of objects with entries for each column. Then using this Array within the add row Activity and assign IT on the property Array row. So with this you can ommit the outdt.newrow assignment. However pay Attention on the right structure when Fillung Up the row Array.

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how can i get this variable with value inside?
Or, where to get a “Data Row” output, so i can use this output directly as "Add Data Row "activity’s input

Hey you can use the Assign actvity to do the following:

dataRow("Column1") = "Row Value 1"


@pitaty, n an assign for each column you can do that
dataRow(“ColumnName”) = “yourValue”

you need to add like this for all the columns you want to pass the data.

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Worked! Thank you so much!

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