Try catch message still comes up even though activity has not failed

i have a try catch block around my ‘for each row’ loop. if the file is not read correctly then the activies will fail and i get a pop up error message via message box.

But even if the for each row succeded i still get a message pop-up.

i am unsure how to resolve this issue.

Thank you

because you have the message box in the finally field, the finally field process ever, doesn’t matter if the try was successfully, try catch block will execute the finally activity ever, (once per execution)
move the message, into the catch block buddy

Just like this?

first cut the log message activity,
then drag and drop a sequence inside the first exception,
then move again the log message activity inside that sequence,
and then inside that same sequence move the message box activity.

like this?

yes dude, that’s all. Try please

it works. thank you

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