Try Catch (Application Exception)

Hi guys,

I need to handle an application error. This error occurs sometimes while executing a for loop. After handling the exception I want the script to continue executing the for loop. What I need to do for this?

Hi @sayanghosh333,

If the usecase has met then you can use Continue Activity in Catch block.

Note: Use Try Catch Activity inside the For Each Activity.


Try adding a try catch around the activities within the For loop that you think will throw the error.

Hi, can it not be done by invoking the workflow file in the try activity?

Yes, You can create over the invoke workflow or inside the invoke workflow activity. It will work fine.

Hi, to handle the exception suppose I need to close the error message by clicking on the close button. This needs to done inside catch or finally?

If the error message come up when the error came, you need to put the activity in Catch block.

If every time the error message comes, then use in Finally section

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Ok. the error message comes up only for the error so I will put the activity in catch. In that case, what I need to put in finally? as I need the script to continue executing after closing the error message.

@sayanghosh333, No keep the Finally block to be empty.

Finally Block is a situation where you facing the both exceptional and non-exception cases. it’s the activity must be done that doesn’t bother exception and non-exception.

Hi @sayanghosh333,

In Try section you have your normal activity

In Catch section, you can handle different exceptions. The most general type is Exception. Here it should be the activities to handle the error. Once they have been run, the workflow continues with the next activity after the TryCatch activity.

I think you should use inside Catch an Element Exist activity to check if the Message Box has appeared. If so you close it, else you use Throw or Retrow activities to notify the error

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