Try catch invoke 인수 활용

안녕하세요 try catch를 이용하여 에러 발생하면 에러 발생한 파일 이름을 메일로 보내주려고 합니다

그런데 try에 invoke workflow File를 사용하여 인수를 받아서 해당 인수 값을
catch에 쓰려고 하니 빈값으로 나오네요… 혹시 방법이 있을까요?

Hi @you2348

In the “Catch” block of your main workflow, you can use the fileName argument to send the name of the file in an email.
In the “Subject” and “Body” fields, you can use the fileName argument to include the name of the file where the error occurred in the email subject or body.
For example: Subject: "Error occurred in file: " + fileName
Body: "An error occurred in the file: " + fileName + “. Please review the issue.”

Main Process:

  • Assign activity: fileName = “example.xlsx”
  • Try Catch activity
    • Try
      • Invoke Workflow File activity (Arguments: fileName = fileName)
    • Catch
      • Assign activity: errorMessage = “Error occurred”
      • Send Mail activity (using the fileName and errorMessage variables)


Jut encapsulate the code in try catch and then in try do the necessary actions and in catch give the exception and also within the exception use the mail activities so that you can send a mail from the catch when an error occurs.