Sending Error Mail

Hi all,

I need to send mail using send-exchange mail activity when i got error.
I’m dealing with Re-Framework architect. In init state i’ve lots of nested try-catch parts. Each catch has got a throw of course. My mail activity is in end process state. So,
my main question is => how can i deal with where i got the error and sending this error via e-mail??

I mean,

ınvoke job workflow => again try code catch throw_2(prob1) and etc.

log msg

how can send error mail when i got the throw_2(prob1)?

If you need more info i can explain.

Thank you.

Hi @yigit.aybey
make a module send email and put in every catch block and give the email body exception string.


you mean invoke mail workflow ??
if so, i cannot put every catch block.

mail act.(body: exception.message) ???


Hey @yigit.aybey,

Instead of using the throw in each catch block you can assign a boolean variable in the catch and after all the try catch block you can check if the boolean variable value is true, you can send the email.


@yigit.aybey Ok. I got you point.
For your case please put a send email workflow/activity in TakeScreen workflow after saving your screenshot.
Benefit–> you can send exception and screenshot as well.
please see blew.