Try/Catch from 18.3 to 18.4 doesn't work the same even with using the Global Handler?

I am using Excel loops with a counter, if i make a Excel row fail on purpose with bad info, on 18.3 the Try/Catch(lets say the Try/Catch has 5 sequences inside it) will catch the exception, skip the row(skip past the 5 sequences in the try/catch) add to the counter and continue to the next row.

I noticed in 18.4 it doesn’t work this way. In fact, I can’t get the try catch to work at all. I know it uses the new Handler which I can get to ignore the error but once the error is ignored, UiPath continues to the next sequence (sequence 2 of 5) which will error as well and then the next, etc.

I need it to skip those 5 steps again in the Try/Catch as before and then go to the add counter and continue to the next loop.

Does Try/Catch not work this way anymore? Am I just missing something simple?

Sorry if I didn’t explain this well enough. Here is an image of my loop.

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You’ll need to make the global handler exit with .Continue action (it will let the exception behave as before and bubble up to the Catch). Make sure it does that for all activities it needs to pass through until it reaches the Try scope (so any sequences, flowcharts etc. that wrap that failing activity).

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