GlobalHandler overriding Try Catch block

Hello all,

I am attempting to make some adjustments in a workflow that I have within studio and want to wrap a sequence of activities into the “Try” block of a Try-Catch error handling activity. I noticed that whenever the elements in the “Try” block are wrapped in a sequence, the GlobalHandler is invoked instead of continuing to the “Catch” block of the code.

The following link is to a separate closed thread that details this issue quite well:

Is there work in progress to fix this behavior on the Studio application side of things yet, or is the workaround still to keep any “Try” activity out of a Sequence wrapper?

Thank you!

I would also like to know if that would be ever fixed :slight_smile:


I dug around and it looks like it has been brought up before and at the time deemed to be the expected behaviour by our team and then documented here:

It is one of those issues that caused a discussion in our team about the basic idea of what Global Handler is supposed to do and its basic interactions.

I’m sure we can reopen this discussion here and see if it will lead to a different consensus this time.

EDIT. In fact, I’ve tried it for myself and it looks like the" one-activity-no-sequence" workaround is not working for me. It goes to the GEH either way.