Try catch for multiple activities


Use Multiple Try-Catch Blocks:
While it might not be as efficient as a single global try-catch, you can organize your activities into smaller groups and use multiple try-catch blocks. This allows you to handle exceptions at a more granular level.


yes. I’m trying those way now.

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Just follow this and it would work with single try catch also…basically the globalexception handler in studiox is catching the exception and then it is not rethrowing but is opening a window…if you suppress that then single try catch will do that job…and the way to do that is as below

  1. Open the globalhandlerx.xaml in notepad or notepad++
  2. Delete this part and save the xaml and then try to run the workflow (the part with trycatch on line 109 till 829 in my case

Attaching a sample file…try using this or create yours similar by having this as base (1.4 KB)

Hope this helps



thank you very much.

Happy holidays.

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