Question about using a sequence in a try, catch

Hi guys, I have a question about that.

If I put a single activity in a try block, it works well.
And I want to use multiple activities by sequence in a try block.
But if I do this, the try block does not work and the catch block does so.

How can i use a multiple activities in a try block?

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Hi @kang0068
You can use sequence within another sequence in try block


hello @kang0068

refer this

What exactly do you want to do @kang0068 ?

You can use multiple activities in a Try Catch Block Activities.!

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Hello @kang0068,

Try-Catch is used to handle exceptions.
If you are passing multiple activities in try block, failing of the activities in the try block will result in executing catch block.
I guess one of the the multiple activities you have mentioned have an exception. Hence catch block is getting executed.
please surround each activity with separate try-catch block for better workflow execution.
Else you can log exceptions in catch block to know where exception has occurred.