Using Try/Catch with Global Handler

We have set up processes that use a combination of Try/Catch blocks as well as a global handler for the project. From my understanding of previous posts on the forum, if you are using both of these, your Try/Catch should only have a single activity in the Try block. We have set each of our Try blocks up with a single activity to invoke another workflow, which then houses a number of other steps that need to be completed.

However, the problem that we are running into is when an error occurs in the Try block, it is initiating both the Catch for the exception as well as the global handler. I was under the impression that if you only had one activity in the Try block, it would ONLY use the Catch to handle the exception and not the global handler. However, we have both occurring.

Is there a way to prevent the global handler from addressing failures from the Try/Catch?

Thank you.

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Hey @jdahlinger

Nope, you are entitled to use either of those please.