Try Catch doesn't continue sequence

When I collect data on the website, it’s anti-collection mechanism is triggered, and the page requires entering a verification code, causing me to fail to identify the desired element and report an error.
My plan is for it to send me an email and display a message box when this error occurs, and after I Click the verification code manually and then click the message box, the program can continue to collect.
Because the entire sequence may suddenly appear with this verification code, I put the sequence in try. But after i clicked the message box ,the sequence didn’t continue…
Is this plan incorrect?

Hello @372862593

Wrap the sequence in a “Retry Scope” activity. Set conditions for retries. If the anti-scraping mechanism triggers, catch the exception, display a message box for manual intervention, and then manually resume the “Retry Scope” to continue the sequence. Adjust retry conditions as needed.

Thanks & Cheers!!!

Hi @372862593

You can also use parallel activity here. But i would suggest run your code in debug mode, slow step & check the working of your try catch. You will get the idea where it is going wrong

  1. Main Sequence:
    Enclose the entire scraping process inside a “Try-Catch” activity.
    In the “Try” section, place a “Parallel” activity.

  2. Parallel Activity Structure:
    Branch 1 (First Activity): This branch will contain the sequence of actions that perform the scraping until encountering the anti-scraping mechanism.
    Branch 2 (Second Activity): This branch will consist of actions to check for the verification code, sending an email, displaying a message box, and waiting for your manual intervention.

  3. After Manual Intervention:
    Once you’ve handled the verification and acknowledged the message box, ensure the main workflow continues after this manual intervention.

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