Help with loops/try catch

Hello all!

I can’t seem to figure this one issue out. I have a try catch inside a For Each loop. The Try block scrapes certain text from a grid, row by row. I have a check counter that identifies the row. Inside the Catch block, if exception, write to an excel sheet if it was unable to scrape that text. I have tried to add a “continue” activity inside the catch block for it to skip that iteration that it cannot scrape and move onto the next but it seems to be just stuck on the current one. In summary, my try block works, my catch block works for the first exception it catches, even with a continue activity, it won’t skip that activity and move onto the next. Is it something to do with my counter in my try block? I appreciate any insight

Hi @some_guy

Your approach should be as follows below.

For each loop.

Inside the body of the loop Try catch.

Place the Activity that throws an exception in a try block.

if exception occurs it will move the catch block and logs the exception!

then it will move to the next iteration.

Out side the body of the loop use write range activity!



Instead of placing counter variable inside the For Each loop, You can try creating a variable in Index which is in properties of For Each Loop

Note: This Index will start with 0

Hope this may help you


Thank you for getting back to me so quickly! Will try this out