Error Handling Sending email

Hi friends,
I thinking to put a “try catch” activity in every sequence (Bot) and catches every log error. And there is one catch in the main sequence to send email if there is any error in any sequence. But noticed that the log error in sequence is working but sending email is not working as it never jump to the the main sequence to send email. Please assist. Thank you.

Hi friend,
I found that if the sequence hit error in the " SR_Data Scraping" Sequence , it will not just log the error and it will continue to run and stopped at the “Log Message” sequence. Possible to stop the program if it catches an error in the “try catch” activity and jump to the Main Sequence to send an email? Thank you.

Hi @Perri

Generally it happens that if you put all the main code in try catch and error come in any of the sequence inside main code then the catch will catch the error and will perform all the activities listed in it.

Have you used any try catch block inside main code? if yes, then remove it.

For further help, please share the workflow if you can.