Try-Catch block help, Workflow goes straight to the catch sequence

Duplicate.xaml (17.6 KB)

Can you tell me why the attached workflow goes straight to the catch block?

Paolo Catapang

Hi @pcats,
i can’t download your workflow
can you share screenshot

Duplicate.xaml (16.3 KB) (122.7 KB)

Hi attached the screenshots as well as an updated workflow

Thanks Hermanth

Hi @pcats,
Your giving File_Date as variable in inside the assign
But your actually defined variable as
So cahnge that assign value as file_date like that
After that You will get the solution


Hi @pcats,

I have ran your workflow on my machine, it is going to catch block after encountering an error in try block, which is perfectly fine, to test this give write line after first few activities and try to print the values.


Fixed that discrepancy with the variable name. it is still going through the Excel Application Scope which is causing the problem(known through commenting the excel application scope out). I have no idea why it is causing an exception to occur.

Hi @pcats,
copy that sequence what you done inside the try catch and paste it outside
and run that sequence.
if any exception comes means it showing in pop-up box.
copy that pop-up box and share it here.


Hi Hermanth,

I just found the error. It was a mistake of mine as the excel file i was getting the values from were empty.(because there were 2 excel files in the folder specified)