Try Catch Loop Not Processing

Hey Guys,
I am reading a list of Work Order Numbers from Excel. I want to read the WO# and then go click the number on a website. At this point, I can’t get my flow to go to the Process block. Every time I run the workflow it Ends.

I’ve tried switching the initial Boolean value, I’ve tried changing the counter. I think I must be missing something fairly obvious and would really appreciate any help! I’ve attached the workflow and excel below. Thanks in advance!

I like the visual layout of this flow verus a for each and would prefer to keep it this way if possible :slight_smile:

flowexample.xaml (18.6 KB)
ScrapedWO#.xlsx (8.1 KB)

@ClaytonM any thoughts?

@Joshua_Kemp Capture

In above statement ur getting error, rectify it.

otherwise use foreach loop on dataTable and get the data

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Thanks for your help, I still couldn’t get it to work so I went another approach. Thanks!

It will be helpful if you place a “Rethrow” activity in the Catch. That way if an error occurs, you know why. Once the errors are ironed out, then you can remove the Rethrow.

Yeah, I also suggest using a For Each so you can retire row counters and end of data decisions (I think it’s less cluttered). You can place a flowchart inside the For Each too.
See below example:


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Thanks Clayton, I really appreciate your help and for the example!