Duplicate Cell entry and using try catch to skip and report

Hi Team,

I am needing some ideas.

  • I am reading in a excel with 3 columns “policy number” “claim number” and "Image Code’
  • what I am wanting to do is if there is a duplicate “Policy Number” and “Claim Number”, I’m wanting to skip that entry from been sent to the queue but I want to in a report, to send to the dept to check manually and action accordingly.


I’ve tried researching a few ideas but nothing comes of what im needing, Im 2 months into my journey so please explain in as basic as possible lol. thank you

use remove duplicate activity

for reference follow this video

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Thank you, this was helpful for the first part, the last part is I want to dump the duplicate rows into a report to send in email to the dept to check manually and action if required.

you want to send all dublicate or in how you want to send ?

I’m wanting to send all duplicates .

send me your project folder i will send to you

project xaml

Main.xaml (41.1 KB)