Try/Catch and Element/Image exists

Hello Everyone,

Is using a try catch activity and element/image exists activity is more or less the same? Am I right?

I mean, if any of my window/image is not displayed, I can send notification to the user by having a mail activity in Exception block. The same can be done using else block of Image exists activity?

Is it any different? Request you to guide me as I am not a programmer and beginning to learn Uipath


Try Catch : “Try” and “catch” are keywords that represent the Handling of Exceptions due to data or coding errors during program execution.

Image/Element Exists : Checks if an image/Element is found within the specified UI element.

Both have their different different properties in terms of usage

If it is a decision state the we can go for image exists where the activity will return the Boolean value where as when it comes to any unexpected error or failure in the program, To capture that thing we use Try Catch activity.

According to this quiz, looks like try catch is deemed the most effective way. Why?