Try Catch Accuracy

Hi Team,

I am Extracting a folder and some times it give me error so i used try catch activity to go back to the for each however it’s not accurate it doing The opposite some time the below screenshot for the activity



i think you no need to use continue in the exception block just when ever exception occurs you just catch in the catch block

have used this Try catch in for each loop

Try Catch isn’t how you repeat things when there’s an error. Retry Scope does that.

i don’t need to repeat it i need to get over it and start over again in the for each activity
ii have a for each acivity inside it use app contains Extract/Unzip Files activity so when i get an error i need to get back again to for each to start with the new row and so on

as the screenshot below


sorry i didn’t get it can you please clarify more

Then you put the Try in the Do, and all the other activities inside the Try. If there’s an error on any of the steps, it will skip to the exception block then go to the next row in the For Each Excel Row.

  • For Each Excel Row
    ** Try
    *** Delay
    *** Read Cell Value
    *** etc.
    ** Catch
  • end for each