Troubleshooting Communication Error With Prediction Model In Document Manager

How to troubleshoot Communication Error with Prediction Model in Document Manager?

Resolution Steps:

  1. Verify Skill Status: Before proceeding with the troubleshooting steps, ensure that the skill related to the prediction is active and operational. If the skill has been stopped or deleted, it is required to redeploy it.

  2. Update Prelabelling URL: The Prelabelling URL needs to be correctly configured to point to the deployed skill. Follow these steps to update the Prelabelling URL:

    a. Access the Document Manager: Open the Document Manager interface or platform where you are encountering a communication error.

    c. Find the Prelabelling URL: Within the settings or configuration section, locate the field or option labeled "Prelabelling URL".

    d. Update the Prelabelling URL: Update the Prelabelling URL to point to the correct skill that is deployed and active.

    e. Save the Changes: After updating the Prelabelling URL, save the changes to ensure they take effect.

  3. Test the Predict Feature: Post updating the Prelabelling URL, perform a test to check if the predict feature now functions correctly. Upload a document or use the appropriate action within the Document Manager to trigger the prediction model. Verify that the error message no longer appears, and the predict feature works as expected.