Error in Data Manager while Prelabelling


How to resolve the below error in Data Manager while prelabeling?

DM Error


I’m working on UiPath Document Understanding to extract data from Invoices using ML Skill from AI Fabric (on-clond enterprise trial) and then I’m using Machine Learning Extractor Trainer Activity to retrain the model with human validated data. I understand that this activity returns an Output folder having 3 subfolders which needs to be zipped and then upload to Data Manager.
Then we need to prelabel it on Data Manager using this public URL
but when I enter this URL I get the error “Error communicating with the prediction model” Then I tried entering Document Understanding API key also from cloud orchestrator along with the URL as shown below

Screenshot 2020-11-23 213457

and I’m still getting the same error.
Can anyone please tell me how can I solve this error?


Any help will be much appreciated.

I think the URL you’re using is outdated.

Try one of the following:

Model Community Endpoint Enterprise Endpoint
Templateless Invoices Extraction or

Source: About licensing
It works for me

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i want toi retrain model
i am having problem with uploading files in data sets
i want to acess data manager
i have enable data labeling in my orchastroter
please help me with this

How I solve this error?

Please check your OCR URL Endpoint and APIKey. they both should be valid and the updated versions.

Hi Support ,I have the same problem with the Prelabelling endpoint is not valid in Document Understanding Which my data are receipts and some invoices ,Can you please provide a valid URL in my case for labelling the data auto ,Thanks

Note : The URl’s used in my scenario is from

Hi @ilyessaber73,

Your pre-labelling endpoint is the endpoint of the skill you have created.

The link you shared is the public endpoint.

To add your pre-labelling endpoint here are the steps:

  1. Go to AI Center> ML Skills > Chose your ML skill and open

  2. Make Sure your ML skill is public (to do this go to Modify Current Deployment>Make ML skill public)


  1. If your ML skill is public, under your ML skill status you should see a URL, copy that.

  2. Next go to Data Labelling & open your data labelling session. Under the settings tab you will find prelabelling.

The pre labelling URL will be the ML skill URL you have and the Prelabelling Key is your API key :slight_smile: