Get asset value from 'Value Per Robot' asset


I have created Asset per robot in orchestrator . How I can read it.
Asset Value :-

{ "SGR": [{"System":"SP1",Client:"101"},{"System":"AR2",Client:"101"},{"System":"RT1",Client:"101"}]}


Hi, use get asset on your workflow… :point_down:

Thanks. Here I am storing the Json data in per robot Asset. How I can retrive Asset data. ?


Sorry i don’t get your question ? Please clarify !

I have stored below JSON value in per robot asset. Ho w I can print it one by one.

{ “SGR”: [{“System”:“SP1”,Client:“101”},{“System”:“AR2”,Client:“101”},{“System”:“RT1”,Client:“101”}]}


Sure, here’s an example :point_down:

Hello @Shirish,

There is no difference in the way you read a global asset and a Per Robot Asset. The only difference is you have create Asset as Per Robot in Orchestrator. You will still use the Asset as is in your workflow, the robot you run it on decides the value of it.