Trouble Transitioning An Issue With Latest Jira Integration Service Pack

I’m trying to use the Jira Integration Service that’s built for Orchestrator and uses the Jira REST API V2 as the basis. When using the activities such as Get Issue, Upsert Issue, List Records, Upsert Record, I keep getting an error where Transitions are returned Null. I need a nice simple explanation on how to transition an issue using the object and methods.

Here are the steps I’ve used so far:

  1. I create the scope, and retrieve the Id/Key for the Issue object.

  2. Next I use a List All Records activity to retrieve the List of Transitions.

  3. Finally I use the Insert Record to attempt to Transition the Issue to the first available Transition.

  4. Output: I end up with a Null Transition value and an error telling me I’m missing the identifier. I think I’m missing a step or just need to be shown how to use the object and methods to complete the transition of the issue in Jira from UiPath.

I greatly appreciate any help that can be offered!
P.S. I have more images, but UiPath will only allow me to put one in here since I’m a “new user”.

Hello @A_AVenzee Glad to see you using the JIRA Integration Service Activity and I will surely try to help you. You had actually taken the right path to transition an issue in JIRA.
In a lot of cases, having the API docs handy makes the process a lot easier. So here is a reference of the JIRA API Docs.

From the API docs and unless your JIRA project is set up in a different way the transitions should happen by passing the Transition Id only. If you have set up the project to mandatorily update some other field value along with transition, then the Get issue transition should be called to retrieve the fields to be updated along side.

In theory, once you have fetched all the transition types (To Do, In Progress, Done) for the issue, you might want to do some condition checks with the data coming from an upstream system within the workflow using for loops, but in my example workflow I have only tried on a very simple issue with no fields to update on top of the transition id.

Please take a look at my recording.
Attaching the workflow as well for your reference so that you can import the “JIRA” sequence as well.

Thank you
BlankProcess14 (2).zip (90.2 KB)

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Thank you! I did not realize I had to build the object to pass.
I was just referencing the indexable object and could not figure out why the transition I was referencing was not working. Now I know!! Thanks so much!

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