Unable to update status,comment but able to update summary


I am using jira activities and trying to update status but showing me following error but when i am changing summary then summary is able to change .
i have tried without custom activities also . i am not getting any error but nothing is changing in jira.
Kindly help me with same.
@Cristian_Negulescu @deepak.rai6 @NIVED_NAMBIAR

If you have a dropdown inside of the web page try to send numbers like 0 for Low 1 for medium 2 for High I just give examples I don’t know the numbers

My status field looks like below image
it is not dropdown.
kindly find below jason also

i have to change from in progress to delivered

I study on my PC and status has the TYPE STATUS so not easy to do this.

So I recommend using direct REST API to make this update like in this movie:

check this answer and see the approach on REST API:

yes i checked ur movies and made workflow also but not updating may be i am doing something wrong dont know.
even i reffred this doc but not understood how to use this curl commandsin uipath
sending u more pics


So from what I see you need to check Transitions ID for your status that you want
after you extract the correct ID for the status name.
now you know the ID and you will create JSON like this:
You have an example on this video at time 11:00

Then you will have HTTP request call
like in this movie 1:10

The Address for HTTP REquest will be this
instead OF TEST-1 you need to put your Issue ID and this you will find inside of JIra webpage link.

Ok can you tell me which is my transition id i have to use .
check this screenshot.

to be fair I don’t know maybe is 0 1 2 3 or 4

i have created workflow as you suggested , running no error but still status not changing

can you please look at my workflow
JiraTest.7z (16.1 KB)

please tell me if i am doing something wrong

Have u checked my workflow ? @Cristian_Negulescu
please find below screenshots for my jason let me know if any changes requred
jason for transitions

Hello Mathkar, Looks ok from what I understand you just need to do POST instead of PUT on the method. I Will do the test also on my instance.

Yes i checked with both post and put but status is not changing in jira

just question local host port number is required to be pass in the link ?

NO from what I know but I don’t have a lot of experience with Jira on Prem


in PROGRESS is 41
NOW to be sure that the command will be executed please return the status of HTTp REquest should be 205.

yes made changes . some error in request

Hello Mathkar,
here is my workflow that is working.testg.xaml (7.9 KB)
Cristian Negulescu

i was doing small mistake .
i was writing transitions instead of transition in value

now able to change status from in progress to Delivered.
Thanks for your comments and videos those helped me a lot .
Thanks again

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