Integartion service for Jira

Hello Everyone,

I hope you all are doing well.

I’m doing a project on Jira integration with the help of the Integration service package of Uipath (uipath.Jira.integrationservice.activities) but while using the activities of the package I’m facing problems like:

  1. while using create issue activity unable to create Epic, Sub-task, Bug only story is created by this activity.

  2. In the get issue activity how can we get its response (out) for the desired information?

  3. with the Upsert issue the data is not upserted in the Jira cloud what is passed in the request body (input).

If anyone knows how to resolve these problems please answer I’m waiting for your valuable solutions.

Thank you.

Hi Rahul,

To answer your first question, the Issue Type property should accept those values, eg. “Story”, “Support”, “Task”. The property must be capitalised, although that is not clear from the documentation.


Many thanks,