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Hi All,

I was working on the RPA advanced exercise to generate the monthly report, I am facing an issue with the selecting the month from the drop down. I am able to select the first month and it is running fine , but none of the other months are running from the dropdown. I have debugged and did not find anything weird. Also earlier it seems to be working fine but now it has stopped working.
Can you please look into it and help me with the same.
I am attaching my xaml file, I have hardcoded some of the values for testing.

Screenshot of the UI

TestGenerateReport.xaml (44.0 KB)


Create one String array variable and assign all months to it. And then use loop to itreate one by one month and inside this loop use two Click activities. One is for clicking drop down menu and another one is for selecting item from list. For second click activity, make selector dynamic by passing String variable into it. aaname attribute value should be like this:

aaname = ’ “+month.Tostring+” ’

@lakshman: I did all this but still I am not able to proceed.


check this. February month is missing in your list.


Even if February is missing it should have moved to March, I have also added february error is still there


What error are you getting ? Could you please take screenshot of it and paste it here.

Problem is I am not even getting any error. It is running indefinitely without any error.

Hi @Chetan1809

Please find below screeenshot.

Hi @Chetan1809

Why don’t you try typeinto for the particular field?
Instead of changing selectors.

You are using two activity to select value in drop down…1)click button 2) click span
Instead of this use select item activity

1)use select Item activity target should be like that
<webctrl idx='1' parentid='searchForm' tag='SELECT' />

  1. month should be string array .value will be {“January”, “February”,“March”, “April”, “May”, “June”, “July”, “August”, “September”, “October”, “November”, “December”}

for reference

don’t forget to attach browser activity at top of the activity

hope it helps

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