Triggering a process after execution of another process

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In there a way to trigger a process after a process execution in orchestrator.

For Example:
I will schedule process A say for every one hour. I want to trigger process B after process A executed every time.
How can I achieve this.

Invoke the process B in Process A and provide some delay in between and schedule it (Or) Schedule both the process with some time delay in orchestrator @raj

@raj Try something like this. Schedule Process A in Robot-A say every 1 hour, then schedule Process B for every 1 hour in the same Robot-A but say one minute after the scheduled ProcessA. Since both are in same robot, Process B will be queued and gets executed once ProcessA gets over. A kind of workaround…

Invoke method is one but I want know the possibility of triggering process using another process in orchestrator level.


In that case if Process A fails even then Process B will be executed.

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@raj If you don’t want to go with ProcessB unless A is success you can check Queue Transaction Item Status during the Process B invocation. Suppose if you aren’t using any Queues of Orchestrator you still keep a flag outside Orchestrator which can be used by both processes. As far as I know you cannot chain the process execution…

May be you can use Assets and retain the success flag there…

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Thanks @rajeev85

Seems to be good idea.