Trigger the BOT from another BOT

Hi Team,

We have to run two BOTs in sequence How to make one BOT (BOT A) trigger the next BOT (BOT B) right after the completion of the BOT A task. Looking for a recommendation other than time-based scheduling.

Version used :

Studio: 2019.10.4
Orchestrator: 2019.10.17

Hi @parthasarathy.ulagan

Your use case sounds like a good fit for our Orchestration process:


you can also use invoke workflow to invoke BOT B in the same workflow after the execution of the BOT A.

Do you get any output from the Bot A, is Bot B will be triggered based on the Bot A O/P or in every run both Bots need to trigger consecutively?

To invoke BOT B in BOT A workflow, the complete code of BOT B should be available in BOT A folder, right?

or is there any way without placing the code, it can be invoked directly from orchestrator package?

If you are using orchestrator, The best way I can think of is to use start Job activity to trigger Bot B.
When you use start job activity you will have to give process name(from orchestrator) in it… It will trigger BOT B.