Multiple bot

How to start bot2 just after completion of bot1?

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Hi @Narendra_Bhavsar

Can you please help to elaborate on the requirement.


I am in learning phase, new at UIPath. It was interview question

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First scheduled BOT will run first, once it is completed next BOT will run and till that time it will be in the Queue.

No need of any link between your BOTS.

I mean if you have only one machine available

Hi @Narendra_Bhavsar

If Bot 1 and Bot 2 are running on 2 machines then you can go with “Queue Based” trigger for Bot 2 , the Bot 1 is a timely based trigger and add an item to the Queue at the end of the Automation , and Bot 2 will be triggered Automatically .


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You can use start job activity

Place this start job activity atlast in your first process
And mention the details of second process

So that when process 1 is over it triggers the process 2

For more details

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That is also good. Thank you !

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