How to link between BOTS in orchestrator

Say I have BOT1, BOT2, BOT3 and need to run from orchestrator.
I am not sure when BOT1 completes. so I cannot schedule the time.
Is there any possibility that once BOT1 completes, that will trigger BOT2 to start and at completion of BOT2, that will trigger BOT3 to run?

please suggest ideas.

We can run all three bots in same machine In a specific schedule regardless of the time being taken by each process
Because usually when one process is scrumming and suddenly if another process is scheduled and got triggered to run in the same machine it will be in PENDING status only
That is it will wait till the previous process gets executed completely by that bot

Or we can do one
With HIGH DENSITY robots we can do that
Like we can give access to many users to run different processes with all Robots in the same time
For more details

Cheers @vigneshnkv


I hope you are trying to run all 3 BOTS in same machine with same user account.

If yes then you can trigger at any time. First scheduled BOT will run first once it completed next BOT will run and till that time it will be in the Queue.

No need of any link between your BOTS.

Just to be honest here, for this kind of approach you dont need 3 robots, you can simply start 3 jobs and automatically they will wait for the one before to end, but if you need more control you can use the activity Start Job inside the Robot1 to command the start of the Robot2 and in that you can start job for Robot3.

Thanks for the responses.

  1. I have used 'Start Job" and getting below error. Pls advise
    I just added the activity and provided the process name as “OrchProcess2”

Raw message: Object

message: Start Job: Operation returned an invalid status code ‘Forbidden’

level: Error

  1. If I am triggering all, then BOT2 will be in pending and that will be executed once BOT1 completed. BOT2 will also be started even BOT1 get faulted, Am I right?
    please advise if any other challenges

Your robot role in orchestrator needs to get added the following:
Create and Edit rights on jobs, as well as View on processes and environments