Orchestrator Schedular to run every 5 min in given Time interval

Scenario- i have a job that sends out email with 4 attachments

this job needs to send emails before 10 am, i’m planning to schedule it at 9:30 and bot will be sending email only if there are 4 attachments if not it wont send, so
Need to find- if it’s possible to schedule bot to run every 5 min in the time between (9:30 to 10:00)

Yah with cron expression
In schedule option in orchestrator we got a last option named advanced where we can mention the cron expression like this

0 30/5 9-10 ? * * *

For more details on this

Cheers @loka_shemanth

Thanks Buddy, I never used Cron expressions in orchestrator before. I will test that out.

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